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Are you leading change, or is change leading you?

Horatio Nelson was 47 years old when he died in 1805, but his legacy as the greatest officer in the history of the Royal Navy lives on.

What will be your legacy?

CEOs are said to be accountable for three things: culture, strategy, and results. But we argue they’re only accountable for one thing: leading change. If they do that well, the organisation will be successful. If they do it poorly, the organisation will struggle. 

An organisation is like a sailing ship at the mercy of the elements. The captain must navigate through every circumstance, ever adjusting as the voyage proceeds. It’s not enough to put a strategy in place, retire to the cabin and demand outcomes. The legacy of the voyage will live on well past disembarkation. It’s like that for an organisation too — with the CEO as the captain of the ship.

Culture Now helps to build and define your legacy.

Do you know what my signature move is?

What do you mean signature move?
Every CEO has a signature move which they use to initiate a change in the direction of the businesses we move into. It’s nature and purpose is to fulfil its past track record for success.
What’s yours then?
The fact you cannot identify it is evidence of the need for me to find a new one.
Ok…any thoughts?
That is bound to be a hit with the new generation. It might buy you a few more economic cycles.
Now now. I reckon the time to leverage culture to drive results has arrived.
Time for everyone in the organisation to sign!

We demand authenticity
We develop accountability
We do it now