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Are you change aware and critically skilled, or trapped in a change cycle not of your doing?

You’re a critical leader in your organisation, charged with making a difference. You carry the burden of success. 

You find yourself spending a lot of time on the political nuances of the organisation, struggling to find time to focus on what customers need.

You do your best, but your leadership is largely self taught, learnt on the job. There are lots of courses and development opportunities available, but you feel there’s still something missing. 

We often get caught in the action trap: lack of progress demands action, more lack of progress demands more action. Then we need to prioritise, because there’s too much to do in the day. Who’s left to manage change? How can we even begin to do that? A mindset emerges that stifles progress, stopping the organisation from moving forward.

There is a better way. It’s about changing beliefs. Culture Now changes beliefs, helping you decide who you want to become.

I considered writing three letters this week.

You said letters. You mean emails, don’t you?
Letters. Three of them
All right. Three letters. Who were they to?
To my replacement.
Replacement? Is there something you are not telling me?
The letters are to be opened at the end of each year.
What does the first one say?
Blame your predecessor?
The second?
Blame your CEO or your own team.
This is gold. What does the third letter say.
Write three letters. It got me thinking about blame.
What about blame?
Maybe it’s me who needs to change?

We demand authenticity
We develop accountability
We do it now