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Lead, follow, or get out of the way. 

We examine external leadership and self-leadership. Plato talked about leadership: the five types of leader; the five types of individual; how we develop the true leader in ourselves; what is true following and what is real leadership; what isn’t real leadership; the nine qualities of the true leader; how the true leader leads. We also explore what Edmund Burke said about real leadership.

Realising Potential. 

Do you know how great your potential is? We explore the true potential of the human being; six reasons why we haven’t realised our potential; five ways to help us realise our potential; and five goals that we can set ourselves. We also explore the life of one who has realised their potential.

Reveal the blueprint of your unmanifest self. Accelerate the process of learning who you are.

We cannot help but learn about who we are. That’s what we’ve been doing from the time we first drew breath.

We dance around in a hall of mirrors offered by those we meet, and we bump our heads into repetitive patterns, which relentlessly guides us to ask: “Why does this keep coming up for me? What am I supposed to learn from this?”

Science and religion aren’t black and white.

While religion asks you to believe without proof, science challenges you to do the opposite.

Our Culture Now program helps you unpack the difference between subjective knowing and subjective acceptance.

When two or more become one …

We’ve been blessed to have a brain/mind to reason/feel our way through the catalyst offered by our illusion.

As we remain tethered to our time-bound sensory existence of opposites, we recognise the experience of the contrast and come to recognise its beauty, but we’re unable to adequately define it.

The unmanifest part of us offers its assistance, but like a fish asked to walk outside its native environment, its syntax and nature are foreign. Yet it’s as aware and vibrant as our surface selves and infinitely informed.

Study the blueprint of your unmanifest self.

We can show you a blueprint of your unmanifest self, helping you understand how it informs your thoughts.

What’s more difficult: Being present in your social relationships or in your working relationships?

I tell you this political correctness thing is driving me nuts
Why’s that?
Feels like everything I say is being analysed
By who. You or the people listening to you?
Does it matter?
You tell me.

We demand authenticity
We develop accountability
We do it now