The Masculine Pysche – An Exploration

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The masculine psyche: king, warrior, magician, lover. 

The world in all its many forms is either masculine or feminine. For many well-intentioned reasons, the masculine has taken a beating in recent years and lost its way.

When the development of the feminine comes at the expense of the masculine, a multitude of problems emerge.

This has led to undeveloped male archetypes — such as the tyrant or weakling king, the coward or bully warrior, the manipulator magician (who populates the Internet with schemes that promise the world and deliver little), or the addicted lover, who’s forever searching for that one thing, person, or experience that will make him feel truly alive, but who’s never satisfied.  

Now, more than ever, we need balanced masculine energy present in our lives. Is it time to explore your masculine potential?

Being a man is about having all the answers isn’t it?

I think you are overcompensating
That sounds judgemental. What do you mean overcompensating?
You appear to be portraying your role as a man rather than being it
That’s deep!
Yeh but how deep are you?

We demand authenticity
We develop accountability
We do it now