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A recent survey conducted by The Institute for Corporate Productivity, in conjunction with, reported that 65% of respondents believe lack of business acumen in managers and higher-level leaders has a high to very high impact on business. 

“Organizations today are flatter, meaning that more managers have decision-making authority … The business strategy should drive the decisions they are making.” 

Managers can’t make decisions in a vacuum. They have to be able to relate their decisions and actions back to the business’s goals and strategies. 

“We get immersed in our own functional expertise, whether that’s HR, technology or finance,” researcher Mark Vickers said. “But to have a common business understanding leads to better communication across all segments of a company.”

People generally remember 90% of what they do, but only 10% of what they read. This is further amplified when it’s embedded in stories.

Zodiak: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy is a simulation game specifically designed to improve the business acumen and financial literacy of anyone whose daily decisions impact the overall health of your organization.

Zodiak allows learners to experience the financial and strategic determinants of organizational success. Through discovery learning, participants experience how their everyday decisions contribute to the organization’s top and bottom lines. It’s a vital tool for anyone seeking margin improvement.Are your leaders and employees making great decisions that drive organization profitability, or are you constantly challenged by margin depleting initiatives?

Do you know how your customer or client makes money?

Do you know what your client’s KPIs are?
Not by heart but if they are publicly listed I can find them.
No, I mean the ones key buying influences are personally targeted to achieve.
Well, no.
How do you think being curious to know these might impact your relationship with them?

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