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Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results was Einstein’s definition of insanity.

Most organisations have a set of key results they’re charged to deliver — results that are strategic to the organization and that are essential to the organisation’s long-term viability and competitive success. We call these the R2 Key Results of an organisation or division or project: the results they need to achieve, which are different from the results they’re getting today (their R1). 

All organizations — whether intentionally or not — have created a setup perfectly designed to achieve their R1 results. Few understand that achieving R2 results requires a change beyond normal workplace actions. It requires a change that accelerates the way people think and act

The goal is simple: to achieve your R2 results, people need to think and act in the manner necessary to achieve those results. This usually means you need to get people to think differently.

You may have been told early in your life that you should avoid talking about politics or religion. These are examples of beliefs we respect in others.

What beliefs within your organisation might be standing in the way of the organisational change you need to make to achieve R2?

Is your current system working for you, or do you need a new approach?

Is achievement of your key business results a fair trade for your organisation’s discretionary effort?

I swear if I hear the HRD talk about culture again I am going to assume a lotus position and tell her to come back when I have finished meditating.
Ha ha. Don’t knock meditation.
Don’t you start.
Our organisational culture is unique though!
So what?
Well, if it was directed toward achieving our key results we would have no direct competitors.

We demand authenticity
We develop accountability
We do it now