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Why do we transact? 

Are their inherent universal truths that drive business success or failure?

What is purpose?

Why is purpose more critical now than ever?

Why are we here?

How did we get here?

Where is here?

Within the span of human existence, modern business has only existed for a very short period, yet it dominates our lives, drives our behaviour, and shapes our experiences.  

We use Spiral Dynamics to explore the development of people, organisations and society. It helps us understand the value systems of different people and organisations — what they care about, and what motivates them — as they move through distinct stages of development. This is combined with an understanding of the evolution of our relationship with the land.

As a leader who has your back?

You know the saying’ Has your back’?
Ever thought about what it means?
Not really
It can mean: Watch my back, jump on my back…
Stab you in the back
Now you are getting it. But for leaders of the emerging generation. I reckon it is about standing back.

We demand authenticity
We develop accountability
We do it now