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Empower your teams to take ownership. 

When teams take ownership, and when they redefine their role in accountability, leadership models have to shift. 

Accountability helps your team take ownership, not only of their actions but of the success of the organisation. Leading others to a new definition of accountability requires enhanced leadership skills.  We encourage all leaders who want to embrace a new culture of accountability to understand some of the key principles that ensure success. 

We train and guide leaders into an enhanced accountability leadership framework. The accountability sequence model will allow you to engage your teams, build connection, diagnose accountability issues, align and manage key expectations, all within a specific accountability framework. Leadership is a critical element of any accountability shift.

Accountability shifts emphasis from activity to results. It challenges leaders every day to do better, be better, and stay above the line.

Do your leaders know how to lead accountable teams?

I was watching the football last night and they were saying my team’s coach has lost the players. That’s what it feels like for me with my team
What makes you say that?
They are just not meeting my expectations
What are those specifically

We demand authenticity
We develop accountability
We do it now