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When individuals are driven by autonomous motivation, they may feel self-directed and autonomous. When individuals are driven by controlled motivation, they may feel pressure to behave in a certain way, and thus experience little to no autonomy, according to Ryan & Deci.

Change happens most effectively when you start by creating an environment of accountability. Without the ground rule of positive accountability, people externalize the change process and hold others accountable to make the needed changes. With positive accountability, people internalize the change and hold themselves accountable for change. 

This requires a new definition of accountability. 

In our work, we redefine accountability as something you do to empower yourself to overcome difficult obstacles and get the result you need.

Where is the football, and where do we seek to move it to?

We train and guide the Steps to Accountability® where people operate Above The Line® to See It®, Own It®, Solve It®, and Do It® rather than fall Below The Line® and get stuck in the blame game, feeling victimised by their circumstances.

Is your organisation accountable?

Which does your business value most: What your employees do when you are watching them or when you are not watching them?

Who here is accountable
Ok, Great every hand up.
Now, put your hand down if you think you could be more accountable.
Fantastic not one hand down. What a team! All right can one of you tell me how we do better?
They do more, better
So it IS true that there is no ‘I’ in team.

We demand authenticity
We develop accountability
We do it now