Welcome Culture Partners to Australia and New Zealand


Culture Now is ‘Now’ the distribution partner for Culture Partners in the Australia and New Zealand region.

Telepathy accounts for the usefulness of spoken language. Without telepathy no language would be intelligible. “Jane Roberts”

Culture is just a word. Nature is too.

Both words imply a force of catalyst that demands one of two things:

  • To cope or be shaped by.
  • To adapt and learn from.

When an individual secures a role in a new organisation there should be a period of excitement and anticipation of potential to be fulfilled.

The organisation receiving this recruit is more than one person. It is a society of sorts which has rules both spoken and unspoken. While those rules spoken can be learned those unspoken are culture.

Over Thirty years ago in North America, the potential to manage culture was recognised and codified and Partners in Leadership was formed which is now named Culture Partners.

Culture Now is proud and excited to be the Distribution Partner for Culture Partners in Australia and New Zealand.

Culture Partners (CP) method and process works:

Culture Partners Case Study:

Alaris Medical Systems


  • 32 months of consecutive losses
  • Culture had fostered a mentality of survival
  • The Company was on the verge of bankruptcy


  • Stock price went from $0.31 to $14 per share
  • Company was purchased by Cardinal Health resulting in a 7,000% return on investment

Before we talk about what we at Culture Now bring to Culture Partner’s global reach and influence let me give you a précised insight of Culture Partner’s beliefs beyond what you can learn from your own research.

  • There is a direct link between Culture and Results
  • Organisations are great at forecasting results but left wanting on understanding what Culture is required and needed to achieve them
  • Genuine Culture originates and propagates from organisation leaders. 
  • Culture Partner’s considerable success and references come from working directly with mindful, intentional Leaders who build organisational beliefs and make them real by owning intentional experiences.
  • Cultures that fulfill potential have a process of accountability that is nurturing and not blaming 
  • Attractive Cultures are those who invest in services such as those of CP over multi year periods
  • Attractive Cultures genuinely solicit and integrate feedback

Culture Now is not just a Culture first company but is also an ecosystem of cultural expertise and support.


Aside from Mitch and Murray the founding Partners of the business we have a thriving ecosystem of Consulting Partners who understand how challenging change is.

The change of the last few years has been unprecedented in its impact on our external and internal worlds. Add to this a real ‘changing of the guard’ when it comes to generational migration to, from and within organisational structures:

  • Competitive advantage in product terms was about getting to market first and getting a patent protected. 
  • Competitive advantage in a services world is about excellence in customer service.
  • Competitive advantage in the Post Covid world is about the attractiveness of your Culture.

Culture Partners is the most eminent, experienced, and successful Cultural Transformation company in the world. This region now has the passion and experience to deliver Culture Now!

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