Throw out conventional motivation tactics – embrace motivation 3.0


As you get older you (should) begin to recognise your life patterns. Agreements you made with yourself to experience and in so doing to learn. To learn from yourself.

In accepting this you can subjectively accept a ‘Higher Self’ that programs catalyst on the basis of:

“This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you” The catalyst for me in obtaining the clarity to communicate my life pattern here has been triggered by Simon Sinek and Daniel Pink.

This article produced by Dr Manu Melwin Joy summarizes Pink’s work and its significance to understanding culture catalyst in your organisation.

Interesting to me is that Motivation 1.0 (Command & Control) and Motivation 2.0 (Carrot and Stick) are binary whereas Motivation 3.0 is a trinity.


The intrinsic power of passion

When I remember being asked on my own journey what my strengths were the first word that came to mind was ‘Passionate’. Simon Sinek contends that ‘Passion’ is a manifestation or exteriorization of ‘Purpose’.

As a career seller I recognise that the ‘purpose’ I was seeking was in the benefits my products and services offered. The more purposeful belief I had in these the more passionate I would represent them. Conversely in the absence of purposeful belief in what I was selling the less passionate and effective I was.


Love for Self

It took me several years to recognise working in an office everyday was suffocating for me. One of the joys of selling is ‘windscreen time’ when driving between appointments. The feeling of Autonomy is extremely motivating.

The article quotes William L. McKnight, past chairman of 3M board: “Hire good people and leave them alone”. I would edit this to read: “Hire good people and believe in their capacity to thrive and excel without direct supervision.”


Knowing your Self

I used to believe that ‘passion’ for mastery manifested in a new qualification born of hours and hours of sacrifice and study.

All that does is divide the time you offer your family, your friends, your community, and your employer. To know the self is to recognise your life pattern and to be accountable to embrace or change it.

The passion that drove me has been to be a ‘provider’ for my family and to therefore ‘find’ the passion in everything I did and sold. Inevitably those I sold for lost competitive edge and so I rode the hills and valleys of the seller’s life.

Now I choose to be accountable for my passion and it’s driving purpose and so I choose is to be the catalyst for organisations to unlock the potential of their culture to either:

  • Continue to deliver the results currently being obtained, or
  • Think and act in the way required to meet new and purposeful key results


Purpose is the power and Mastery is the potential.

Do you trust yourself? It’s your choice!

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