The COVID-19 pandemic exposed huge cracks in many business models emphasising the need for agile decision making.


BDO surveyed 500 C-Suite business leaders globally.

Culture is on the agenda for organisations around the world and in the ANZ region. Successful cultures are thriving despite the pandemic”“Businesses that embraced risk … coped better with the crisis and survived, even thrived, despite the global calamity”
Organisational understanding of Culture has exponentially matured in recent times. Culture is now one of the key inhibitors or enablers of company performance.
Some of the key survey takeouts are:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic exposed huge cracks in many business models.
  • Low employee satisfaction outranked all other issues when considering the most significant pressures caused by the pandemic. 45% of C-Suite respondents cited low employee satisfaction and wellbeing. Companies that cannot support employees will struggle to grow, as staff underperform due to adverse pressure.
  • Blame culture promotes risk aversion. Almost a quarter (23%) of all respondents said blame culture stifles their company’s ability to respond effectively to disruption.”
  • Sectors where respondents agreed that blame culture is present are also those where the pandemic’s impact was much worse than expected.
  • Agile businesses with a risk welcoming attitude have been able to adapt to challenging circumstances and beat the pandemic slump.
  • “Our survey shows the importance of trust in facilitating information flow.” Trust empowers employees to speak up without fear of reprisals. To reap the benefits of this, effective business leaders need to foster a high-trust, low-blame company culture.
  • Leaders with a positive mindset, free from blame culture, have steered their organization through the COVID asteroid storm without being hit and broken

“You’ve got to make people feel safe and secure, and that it’s okay to fail,” Joanna Swash CEO Moneypenny.

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