The balcony and the dance floor

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Our dance-floor world throws countless challenges, distractions and problems at us — without giving us much time to react to them.

In striving to meet innumerable expectations (including those we place on ourselves) we favour reacting over truly responding

Culture Now offers world-class frameworks to help you take a responsive view of your dance-floor world. A view from the balcony.

Our frameworks have stood the test of time. They create positive change. You can trust them, retreat to them, and seek their guidance.

They require discipline, to be sure. But their reward is a new, rich, deeper self awareness. Your Sundays will no longer be highjacked by Monday planning, as you learn to value your precious time and be more authentic.

The balcony syntax

Culture Now equips you with a new vocabulary that transports you to the balcony and draws out your resourcefulness.

We all have the vocabulary for criticising lack of change. What we need is a vocabulary for creating the change we want to see. We help you recognise the difference, and highlight what you can do to be of more service to your fellow workers, the teams you lead, and the customers you serve. Discover the amazing person you actually are.

I want to be more strategic!

I reckon you are pretty strategic already.
What makes you say that?
Cause of the way you respond to voice mail
Yes, you are one of the few people I know who reads the voice mail before you call the person back
Really? But how does that make me strategic.
Well, you are ready to respond when most others just call the person straight back before they read the message. The first thing the non strategic ones get asked is: Did you read my voicemail?

We demand authenticity
We develop accountability
We do it now