Enablement, not dependence

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We don’t supply a finished product. Your organisation is like a sculptor’s stone. We help you see the perfect form within, and then we give you and your teams the tools to sculpt your organisation into that perfect form.

Man owns what he creates!

That sounds a little sexist.
Ah, yes, but gender aside the essence of free will in this statement speaks to the kind of vendors we should be working with.
What exactly are you talking about?
We need to seperate the buying decision from the ownership experience.
Sounds important but I am not following
Few vendors get this right. Vendors who are elite at identifying problems will typically focus on solutions that drive dependency
I agree with that. But what about vendors who are elite at the ownership experience?
There are less of them but those who are elite at this must by definition only work with clients whose needs match their capabilities and this doesn’t scale
So these vendors would appear to be disadvantaged
I disagree. Where these elite ones in customer experience get scale from is through enabling their clients to depend on themselves.

We demand authenticity
We develop accountability
We do it now