How did a CEO of an 18,000 employee company change their culture?


John Chiminski Catalent CEO [ex GE] dramatically changed his culture and with it his organisational performance.

How do you reach and inspire 18,000 employees to change their belief systems and inspire performance?

John Chiminski arrived at Catalent in 2009, from the all conquering GE. He noticed very quickly the difference in cultures, it was a far cry from GE.

“We were a very average company with some good assets,”

So he set out to transform the organizational culture.

For starters, he defined key drivers of the company’s success — excellence, innovation and growth — and reinforced their importance at every opportunity. He instilled a patient-first mindset and prioritized patient safety across all levels of Catalent.

Most importantly he didn’t tell them to do it, he led the way and over time transformed their belief systems.

Chiminski takes every opportunity to convey a patient-first message. He starts every board of directors meeting with a patient success story.

“John also starts every town-hall meeting (with employees) with a patient story,” added Lucier, chief executive of Corza Health.
“Sometimes it’s a video, John interviews the patient or just tells the story. It’s very personal to him. It’s all part of how he instills a culture of humanity and care.”

At Culture Now we change culture by creating experiences that change beliefs that drive actions and ultimately results.

Chiminski may not have looked the part of a conventional CEO. But his deep grounding in the pharmaceutical business and diversified medical diagnostics, along with his vision for Catalent’s growth, helped make the 2014 IPO a success. The stock is up more than 440% since then vs. 140% for the S&P 500, 

[S&P Global Market Intelligence and MarketSmith].

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