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Changing change management

Research tells us that most change efforts fail. Yet change methodologies are stuck in a predigital era. It’s high time to start catching up.

Ten Reasons People Resist Change

Leadership is about change, but what is a leader to do when faced with ubiquitous resistance?

Throw out conventional motivation tactics – embrace motivation 3.0

As you get older you (should) begin to recognise your life patterns. Agreements you made with yourself to experience and in so doing to learn. To learn from yourself.

Transforming workplace culture – Ford IT

“We realised that a robust operational strategy cannot make up for a disengaged or disharmonious workplace culture,” says Ford's Director of Global Manufacturing IT: Rekha Wunnava. Read on to see how Ford IT used workplace culture to achieve outstanding results.

Culture: is it female or male?

There are real shortages of talent right now. Good talent is open to move and being attracted in tangible and intangible directions.

Welcome Culture Partners to Australia and New Zealand

Culture Now is ‘Now’ the distribution partner for Culture Partners in the Australia and New Zealand region.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed huge cracks in many business models emphasising the need for agile decision making.

BDO surveyed 500 C-Suite business leaders globally.

How did a CEO of an 18,000 employee company change their culture?

John Chiminski Catalent CEO [ex GE] dramatically changed his culture and with it his organisational performance.

Culture tends to confound leaders

Do not be tempted to appoint a Chief Culture Officer this will just rob the leadership team of one of its most vital responsibilities.

Your beliefs matter

Rudeness is poison to culture and when tolerated spreads rapidly.

Toxic corporate culture

Toxic corporate culture is over 10X more likely to contribute to attrition than compensation.

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